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The Second Form ~第二次形態~
【dainji keitai】
31st-Dec-2015 06:16 pm - Friends Only!~
Aerith // The Sky
This journal is about my personal, private, professional life. I write everything in my mind here; i want to keep it from strangers. But don't worry, i don't bite and would love to befriend with anyone. However, take a note that I:
[x] Write my very very personal life here, if you're easily provoked by some sensitive things, don't bother adding me
[x] Fangirl over the GazettE and Aoi. Not very much lately, but enough to annoy anti-fangirl base
[x] Will only accept who has interest in the GazettE, Ayumi Hamasaki, Amano Tsukiko, Japan, V-Kei, Games, Graphics Design, Music
[x] Don't comment too much recently. I'm quite busy with my (hectic) life and can't reply to each entry you make
[x] WILL NEVER ADD SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW OR SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T COMMENT HERE. Many people added me without leaving comments here and i don't know them. It's not hard to say "Hi" here, really

Just comment and i'll add you back! :)

All graphical posts are for public. You may find my graphics community: x_kurenai or my portfolio site.
12th-Jul-2009 03:53 pm - Donate: D-B.net fund
Aerith // The Sky
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

help wanted!Collapse )
9th-Jan-2009 01:57 pm - The anonymous meme
Aerith // The Sky
Stolen from akaich0u, it's a neat idea.

The Anonymous Meme
IP logging is off, anonymous posting is on, and the idea is this: you've probably, at some point, had something to tell me that you didn't think you could. It's understandable, we all do it. But here, you can tell me anything, anonymously - whether it's something as big as "I'm in love with you"; something as silly as "I really hate the way your subject lines never have capital letters"; something as serious as "you make me feel unappreciated, I nearly defriended you last week" or "I'm worried about you" or "I think you need someone to tell you that you're being an idiot about this one thing". Just anything that's on your mind in regards to me, a secret about me, even just telling me what you think of me. Negative or positive. Just be honest.

Unfortunately, i can't lock this entry. So there~
23rd-Aug-2008 09:25 pm - GazettE's OHP Materials
Aerith // The Sky
I posted this on gazette_media like centuries ago and i'm sure the entry had already swallowed by bunch of entries there X_X

These are GazettE's OHPs materials. Background images and BGMs.

Credit http://pscompany.co.jp/gazette if any materials being used. Comments are highly appreciated.
17th-Jul-2008 08:19 pm - Friends Cut
Aerith // The Sky
I know i shouldn't but i have to. Apparently, it's not that my list is getting bigger but there are more entries that i can't read. Emphasize the word 'can't' here. To those who are removed, here are the reasons:

- You added me but you'd never leave comment on my entries. You said you are the one who's going to put efforts to befriend me but i didn't see the work. I know you're busy. Really busy with a journal that updated everyday.
- You're only using me for a shit like graphics. OH BOY i can't believe this reason even existed.
- You don't update in YEARS.

I apologize for that. I expected we're going to be nice friends, but you didn't give me a sign of that so i'd think it's not going to be nice.

I'm keeping my f-list to be only FRIENDS. I'd rather to have few REAL friends than having hundreds FAKE friends.

To those who i haven't added back, please comment on where you suppose to. Really, i don't deserve to be your "Friends of" list without me adding you.

Yes, this entry is so emo. But i don't care. It's my journal. You don't have to be involved if you don't want.

If you're thinking i'm wrong, leave a comment and we'll see. Comments are screened.
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